Researchers fully hosted under the Minos project have access to the facilities as CPU hours, visualisation laboratory facilities, on-line databases services and training. They can also count on the support of an international scientific committee and locally-based senior researchers. Minimum quantity of access offered will be 3276 CPU hours (128 Pes CRAY T3E equiv.). It is estimated in 15 the number of users per year, that it means about 45 hosted Researchers on the overall project basis.

Access to major research infrastructure is increasingly indispensable for researchers working at the forefront of science. The ability of European research teams to remain competitive with teams elsewhere in the world depends on their being supported by such state-of-the-art infrastructures.

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2000-02-01 / 2003-01-31

programma CEE/framework: HUMAN_POTENTIAL, 5PQ

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