Cineca manages R&D projects focused on the analysis, management and conservation of large amounts of data by means of large computing resources and through the multidisciplinary skills of its staff.

Data analysis

Analysis methods such as machine learning and deep learning are emerging as successful tools to solve a wide range of problems and their popularity has led to the development of numerous open-source software tools.

The Cineca supercomputers for data management

For the management of large amounts of data, Cineca provides storage space and computing resources by sharing a common environment to facilitate the use of these resources and the portability of data and programs.

D.A.V.I.D.E., one of Cineca’s supercomputing systems is the largest supercomputer in Italy for deep learning, capable of processing almost 500 thousand images per second. In addition to processing, Cineca pays particular attention to the preservation of digital archives, by providing a library capable of preserving more than 10PB of data.

From European projects to scientific visualization

Cineca takes part in many projects funded by the European Commission where its competences in data science are shared and empowered through collaboration with other research centers.

Furthermore, Cineca has always overseen the field of scientific visualization and the development of advanced interfaces to offer a better understanding of the numerical simulations obtained through the resolution of complex mathematical models.

In particular, at Cineca there is a group of the HPC department that uses and develops computer graphics applications and tools for scientific visualization and for the development of navigable and searchable in real-time 3D environments, as well as immersive virtual spaces to support projects of particular importance both in the scientific and humanistic fields.