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Craniofacial surgery is a surgical branch regarding study and treatment of any kind of disease affecting the face. Peculiar to this surgery is that any surgical procedure has non only functional but even esthetical implications such important for all patients' life. Anatomical and functional complexity of the face and skull makes this area extremely hazardous for any skilled surgeon or fellows in training. Computer-based surgery simulation represents a rapidly emerging and increasingly important area that combines information technology and real time systems for the common purpose of improving health care. It allows the surgeon to operate on a virtual representation of the patient head and to predict the outcome of the real intervention. Several virtual interventions can be executed and evaluated before to proceed to the real surgery.


A complete system will be developed, able to be used in a clinical routine to plan maxillofacial surgical intervention. The proposed architecture, through the development of a portable, scalable and progressive computational kernel, embedded in a distributed architecture and in a portable user interface, allow to build a real time surgical planning tool with reasonably low HW requirements. The integration of a distributed data management component allow to further reduce the global time required for the complete surgical planning, helping the surgeon in the data acquisition and archiving tasks. The capability of the system to run locally, producing a rough estimation of the result, will enable surgeons to quickly evaluate different intervention hypotheses; while the possibility to run on a central server will produce results of higher accuracy, presenting them transparently to the user.


CINECA (Italy)
Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems of the University of Bologna - Bologna (Italy)
Azienda USL di Cesena - Bufalini Hospital - Cesena (Italy)
SMS Italia - Milano (Italy)


programma CEE/framework: IST, 5PQ


2001-06-01 / 2002-11-30

Referenti Cineca 

Roberto Gori