Summer School of Parallel Computing

The School of Parallel Computing is an intense, 10 days, graduate level course in high performance computing. It  will cover key subjects in modern computational sciences and will focus on parallel programming and HPC. The forthcoming IBM BG/Q "Fermi" supercomputer will be presented.

  • Introduction to HPC: HPC architectures, Parallelization techniques, HPC systems at CINECA
  • MPI & MPI2
  • Introduction to some scalable numerical libraries: SCALAPACK, FFT, PETSc
  • OpenMP
  • Introduction to hybrid programming: MPI+OpenMP
  • The IBM Blue Gene/Q at Cineca
  • Optimization techniques: Code optimization, Optimization flags for Linux and IBM compilers, Tools for profiling, Tools for debugging.



Two editions are scheduled for 2012.

First edition: July, 2-13

Second edition: September, 3-14. This edition will be held in English and is open to non-italian speaking students.


The school is aimed at final year master students, PhD students, and young researchers in computational sciences and engineering, with different backgrounds, interested in applying the emerging technologies on high performance computing to their research.

The number of participants for each edition is limited to 24 students. Applicants will be selected according to their experience and  qualifications. Knowledge of a high level programming language (C/C++ or FORTRAN) is required.

Attendance is free. Grants up to 500 EUR are available for partecipants not funded by their institution and not coming from the Bologna area. Lunch will be provided by CINECA. Each student will be given a two month access to the CINECA's supercomputing resources.

Application deadline: May 31, 2012
Professional stages: no stage

General info

How to reach us: The school will be held at the CINECA supercomputing center, via Magnanelli 6/3, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), from monday to friday of each week. CINECA is located 9 Km from the Bologna Airport, 12 Km from the centre of Bologna.  More details.

Accommodation: we can propose you a list of hotels in the neighborhood or in Bologna. If the hotel has an agreement with CINECA, specify you are attending the school at booking time in order to obtain a discounted rate.

Contacts: please contact the school secretariat for further information.