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Open Source e transmedialità. L'esperienza del Cineca nel campo del Virtual Heritage

Data pubblicazione: 

1 Giugno 2013


Daniele De Luca, Antonella Guidazzoli, Maria Chiara Liguori, Micaela Spigarolo


Storicamente 06/2013; DOI 10.1473/stor470

CINECA experience in virtual archaeological reconstructions has led towards the creation of philological and communicative realizations such as «Apa the Etruscan and 2700 years of Bolognese History» – for the Museum of the History of Bologna – and «Marcus Caelius – the value of memory», for the Archaeological Museum of Bologna. The aim of both projects is communicating culture in a narrative way with a philological care and implementing a modelling methodology suitable for a transmedial reuse. The open source approach, mainly trough the adoption of the Blender sw, has provided the right tools.