The UniGridS project will develop a Grid Service infrastructure compliant with the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA). It is based on the UNICORE Grid software initially developed in the German UNICORE and UNICORE Plus projects and extended in the EU funded EUROGRID and GRIP projects. These demonstrated the development of an effective Grid, the use of applications in a Grid environment and the interoperability between the Globus Toolkit 2 and UNICORE. The guiding principle of the project will be both to adopt and to influence standards in key project areas.

The UniGridS project has the following objectives:

  • Develop innovative technology for Grid Services compliant with the OGSA and based on UNICORE. The software that will be developed will be called Unicore/GS.
  • Demonstrate interoperability of UniGridS technology with other OGSA compliant implementations, especially the Globus Toolkit 3 (GTK3).
  • Develop a framework and technology to support Grid economics.
  • Develop generic higher- level services for multiple application domains.
  • Enable selected scientific and industrial applications for an OGS A environment including visualisation and computational steering.
  • Disseminate the results of UniGridS to targeted application communities, the Grid community, and make the results available to other European projects.
  • Use Unicore/GS as an exemplar implementation of the OGSI standard and influence the relevant standards bodies, such as IETF, GGF, W3C, or OASIS.
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