The goal of the PRISMA project is to develop an "open" cloud computing platform for e-government services of the local public administration  for the safety of the territory

The goal of the PRISMA project is to develop an "open" cloud computing platform for e-government services of the Local PA linked to the safety of the territory. The cloud platform will allow, through the facility of wireless low cost sensors, the monitoring of key parameters on the territory providing valid support to the emergency planning, to the civil protection and providing elements for improving the level of qualification of the collectiveness to emergency. Through a monitoring made on cloud platforms by means of data taken by the sensors, it will be, for instance, possible almost in real time: to build scenarios of seismic damage; to check the safeness of the strategical buildings and the  relating seismic vulnerability; to check the practicability of the road system and damages to manufactures. The project provides, furthermore, an instructive iter for researchers and technicians. Public administrations involved by the project are: Apulian Regional Health Agency (Ares Puglia),  Cities of Messina, Bagheria and Piano di Sorrento. The PRISMA Project' s results will open possibiilities for the several kinds of firms (little, medium and large ones ) with positive  economic and occupational effects correlated both to the activation of spin off aimed at the technological development and the promotion of the industrial exploitation of prototypes, and at promotion of the development of PMI in the field  of territorial diagnostics.

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