Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning The researchers created a cross-discipline digital library engine that allows for drawing content from one domain and making it available and understandable to the users of another.
Digital libraries generally provide electronic access for communities of users to information of their discipline. A new challenge to research is a digital library that would draw content from one domain and make it available to the users of another.

The PAPYRUS team approached this challenge by introducing the concept of a cross-discipline digital library engine which was prototyped in the course of the project. This system can 'understand' user queries in the context of a specific discipline, look for content in a domain alien to that discipline and present the search results in a way useful and comprehensive from the perspective of the first discipline.

The use case chosen for this project was the recovery of historical content from digital news content. The scientific and technological objectives of the project were:

to advance the state of the art in semantic multimedia analysis, by introducing knowledge assisted methods which take advantage of existing metadata and content structure models for the understanding of the source content;
to propose context sensitive query processing methods, for the understanding of the user demands;
to implement tools for automating the process of knowledge mapping, for corresponding concepts between the source content and the user queries;
to develop presentation techniques for delivering search results in a form comprehensive to the targeted users.
To realise these objectives, PAPYRUS brought together expertise from research organisations with a focus on knowledge management, artificial intelligence and semantic multimedia analysis; experts in the history of science; two large European news producers; and an IT solutions provider.

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