OpenAIREplus (2011-2013) originated from the project OpenAIRE (2009-2012).

By means of OpenAIRE it is possible to refer to the articles published by the researchers and funded in the Seventh Programme framework. Thanks to OpenAIREPlus the articles are enhanced by links to the open data underlying the research. So, main aim  of OpenAIREplus has been the creation of a heavy-duty and collaborative service for the cross-linking of the scientific peer-reviewed publications and of the associated data sets.

The  project has created a digital infrastructure capable of collecting, enhancing and mantaing the metadata of the scientific data set; furthermore innovative structures have been used to sustain management and link among the scientific open access data. Access and storing of publications linked to data by means of the OpenAIRE Portal have been supported (in every Country) by a help desk.

In the OpenAIREPlus area, CASPUR, as National Open Access Desk,  offers support to the italian researchers, promoting the debate about the subjects connected with the project,managing the emerging problems'  solution and, with the partner OpenAIREplus net, collaborates to the achievement of the interoperativeness among the research data at global level.

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It unites 41 partners from all Europe and 3 interdisciplinary research communities

Finanziamenti e tempistiche

OpenAIREplus- Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe is a 36-month project (2009-2012)

Funded in the area of the VII Programme Framework (FP7).

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