The project concerns the visualisation of, and interaction with, data related to musculo-skeletal structures by means of multimodal and multisensorial interfaces. This research project is funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Information Society Technology (IST) programme. It will create a user friendly visualisation and interaction environment, in which all the information is presented with a set of representation - interaction pairs inspired by medical imaging modalities known by biomedical professionals to enable them to use their previous experience to enhanced effect.

The project will develop and validate a new representation and interaction paradigm for virtual medical objects using multimodal and multisensorial interfaces. Instead of pursuing virtual REALISM, which would be unfamiliar to most professionals, this new representation paradigm will pursue clinical RELEVANCE. It will rely on multiple synchronised views, each one associated with specialised interaction modalities based on multi-body tracking, speech recognition and synthesis, and proprioceptive/haptic interfaces. Some views will convey conventional medical imaging modalities (RX, CT, MRI, endoscopy), while others will involve unconventional representation of the organs. For each of them the multisensorial interaction which is most effective in the application context will be implemented, again considering the type of interaction the medical professional would expect in the real world.

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