The central goal of this study is the assessment of the internal variability at seasonal and inter-annual scales of the Mediterranean thermohaline circulation as induced by deep and intermediate water formation processes and the inflow/outflow system at Gibraltar.

Expected achievements can be summarized as follows:
1. A high resolution and advanced physical parameterization GCM (General Circulation Model) will be tested and validated.
2. Deep and intermediate water formation and dispersion processes will be numerically modelled in different regions of the Mediterranean and studied as they occur in the GCM.
3. The characteristics of intermediate and deep water mass transport will be investigated in the GCM.
4. Climatological data sets will be collected and analyzed to compare with the numerical studies.
5. Data assimilation techniques will be set up with the GCM for in situ and satellite altimetry data.
6. Ecological models will be tested for the Mediterranean basin and the Adriatic Sea separately.
7. Regional hydrodynamical models of the Adriatic and Aegean Sea will be implemented and verified.

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1993-09-01 / 1996-05-31

programme CEE/framework: MAST, 3PQ

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