International BioInformatics Laboratory LIBi was a Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory, aimed to central activities for the modern Biology and for the Biotechnologies in its base and applied research aspects. LIBi had principal base in Bari but was meant like Laboratory "without walls"; it constituted a virtual work space for the partners which provided their infrastructures and utilized the laboratory' s tools and machineries, taking advantage from capacities and expertises provided by the other  partners. Two actors' categories participated to LIBi in balanced manner: Technological Partners and Bioinformatic Partners.

4 Technological Research Units: CINECA, INFN, SPACI/CACT-ISUFI, IBM
Objective: designing and carrying out the technological platform for LIBi

4 scientific Research Units: CNRBA, UNIBO, UNIMI, CBMTS
Objective: addressing contents and functionalities

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Elda Rossi

Elda Rossi


 Two actors' categories participated to LIBi in balanced manner: 4 Technological Units and 4 scientific Units. The projecto was coordinated by Prof. Cecilia Saccone from CNR of Bari. Technological partners were : CINECA INFN SPACI / CACT-ISUFI,University of Lecce IBM Semea South. Scientific partners were: CNRBA (Institute Biomedical Technologies,CNR, Section of Bari) UNIBO (University of Bologna) UNIMI (University of Milano) CBMTS (Centre of Molecular Biomedicine, Trieste).

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