As a centre for the application of supercomputing in interdisciplinary research activities, CINECA hosted Researchers from September 1998 through April 2000 so that European Researchers may make use of the resources and services here available. Later on the project got the name of HPC EUROPA

Scientific activities and policy of use of CINECA's supercomputing facilities of EC Researchers will be agreed with an International Scientific Committee. With regard to the supercomputing aspect of the project, CINECA will provide hosted European Researchers with training, parallel supercomputing facilities, access to scientific visualisation laboratory and to on-line information service.The Researchers will be providedwith the support of CINECA experts for the best use of resources available. Hosted Researchers will be supported by the project for travel and accommodation expenses too.

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Finanziamenti e tempistiche

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement No. 780792.

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