The project "Human Brain Project" (HBP), coordinated by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne, will create the world's largest experimental facility for developing the most detailed model of the brain, for studying how the human brain works and ultimately to develop personalised treatment of neurological and related diseases.

Cineca will contribute to the realisation of the HBP HPC platform, providing one of the four advanced supercomputing systems planned: the HBP supercomputer for massive data analytics. The aim of the CINECA task is to implement and operate a data-centric HPC facility providing efficient storage, processing and management of large volumes of data generated by the HBP. The task will begin by collecting and analysing HBP requirements, installing software tools and providing service based on ad hoc service policies.

Ultimate task is the research for effective treatments against nervous system degenerative diseases,like Alzheimer,Parkinson,epilepsy,schizophrenia.

Goal of Human Brain Project is to implement, for the human brain, what CERN performs for high energy physics .

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About ninety European and international research institutes will be involved in the project, among which several Italian Centres: besides Cineca, others partners will be the Florence' s  University, and in particular the European Non-Linear Spectroscopy Laboratory Europeo - LENS, the University Institute of Turin, the Pavia University and the Fatebenefratelli Insitute.

Finanziamenti e tempistiche

The project has received funding from European Community's FP7 under grant agreement No. 604102.

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