Halfway through the tour of Palazzo Pepoli, part of “Genus Bononiae - museums in the city”, an immersion room will show, besides the 3D movie of Apa, movies and stereoscopic real-time applications about the history of Bologna.

The set up of this room aims to accompany visitors on a journey that takes place "as a film ... ", from the corridor to the projection room itself.

The route will operate as a pre-show giving some information about the visiting program or the museum.

The metaphor of the film has also addressed the construction of the hall: the viewer must be isolated from the previous context, both from an acoustic point of view and emotional one, to better emphasize the effects of the stereoscopic projection.

To design this room a virtual reality simulation was realised and set up at the CINECA's Virtual Theatre in order to allow architects and museographers to share the project and test different configurations of space.

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Massimo Alessio Mauri

Massimo Alessio Mauri


Genus Bononiae - museums in the city

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Fondazione Carisbo