The project's aim is the achievement of a Virtual shared Laboratory aimed to the regional clinical-scientific community clinico-scientifica performing its activity in the genetics and its therapeutic applications ' field.
At the project' s conclusion, the Laboratory was ready, initiallly in regional area, for other similar realities (clinical, of research and application-industrial) interested to experiment it.
The laboratory opened a new scenario in the regional frontier of the utilizable knowledges at industrial level for the information area, however extensively represented in region, fostering the contact between the research world  and the new professions and companies one.

  • Main objective of this project is the establishment and achievement of a Bioinformatics Laboratory, with a  public-private nature
  • integration of analysis instruments for the proteomic
  • integration of data analysis instruments of expression for the  individuation of SNPs
  • adoptation and introduction in the laboratory of  methods, components and most advanced technological inventions
  • fosterage and promotion  of possible technological and methodological solutions' patentability 
  • activities of  training both for guaranteeing the proposed aims success and for the diffusion of the results obtained by the Laboratory
data chiusura progetto

Elda Rossi

Elda Rossi, Andrew Emerson, Francesco Falciano


Luca Sangiorgi, Orthopedic Institutes Rizzoli, Bologna
Giuseppe Frangiamone, NSI – Nier Information Solutions srl, Bologna
Elda Rossi, CINECA, Bologna
Stefano Volinia, Telethon DAMA Service, University of Ferrara

Finanziamenti e tempistiche

March 2005/ March 2008


Unione Europea