Acquisition of new advanced technologies is an unavoidable step in planning a convincing process of rehabilitation of the economy of Central and Eastern European countries.

Objectives: adhesion to the network "FRONTIERS IN CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS" appears to be able to provide the most concrete opportunity for regular periodic encounters among the scientists involved, with a manifold purpose: 1) performing coordinated research in the fields of novel microscopic approaches to superconductivity (in particular of layered superconductors, which may play an important role in applications, due to their unusual transport properties), of many-electron systems in reduced dimensions (surfaces and interfaces, in particular magnetism of surfaces and ultra-thin films), and of mesoscopic quantum systems (most of whose features are still unknown, and will certainly play a major role in the new technologies to come); 2) training young researchers in advanced techniques in the same areas, with special emphasis on computational methods; 3) giving start to the preliminary steps for setting up an extended common activity in numerical simulations and calculations - based on both novel theoretical models and/or approaches, or on fresh ab initio methods - of the most interesting features of the above solids and materials, aiming to developing a data base of universally accessible simulation and computation (both numerical and symbolic) programs in the sector of condensed matter physics and materials science.

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1994-12-01 / 1997-05-31

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