The project' s aim was to reunite the paths of an artistic heritage placed in the most important European museums and fruit of the constant cultural activities of the Este family court in Ferrara. It was meant to reform that ideal unity of a heritage become, during the centuries, common European goods for restoring to every single work the true senso comprehensible only thanks to the reading of the context that produced it.


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The aim was the creation on the WEB of an on-line catalogue shared among the several partner museums, with a new and advanced  conception.

 It used a standard method, innovative and shared by the partners for the cataloguing of all the goods present in the several museums, through the utilization on the WEB of a software  easily usable.

The created catalogue was usable, thanks toa system of easy and friendly search , by anyone like a tool for the knowledge of the artistic and cultural world of the Este family in Ferrara.

data chiusura progetto

Ferrara Castle Museum
Narodni Galerie
Gemaldegalerie Dresde
Louvre Museum
Institute for Artistic and Cultural Goods 
Hermitage Museum

Finanziamenti e tempistiche

European Commission; Culture2000

Unione Europea