ELIXIR (www.elixir-europe.org) is the European Research Infrastructure for biological data whose primary objective is to support research in the field of “life sciences” and their translational activities to medicine, environment, biotechnological industries and society.
ELIXIR is structured as a central hub, located in the Wellcome Genome Campus (Hinxton, UK) and 20 national nodes including over 160 Research Organizations.
The Italian node ELIXIR-IIB (http://elixiritaly.org/en/) is a full member of ELIXIR since 2016, after the signature by Ministry of University and Research of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement. It is led by Italian National Research Council (CNR) and it is configured as a Joint Research Unit (JRU) which coordinates the delivery of existing bioinformatics services at a national level, also pursuing their integration in the ELIXIR infrastructure. Cineca is one of the technological partners of ELIXIR-IIB.



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