Aiming to stimulate its members and partners to establish contacts with others active in their fields of interest, the Culturelink Network has developed the interactive, searchable Culturelink Members & Partners Database, providing its members and partners, as well as all other cultural professionals, with an efficient tool for establishing new ways of cooperation.

E-Culture Net (IST-2001-37491) began on 1 July 2002 as a one-year thematic network and resulted in twelve outcomes: 1) website with definition of vision, structure, expansion; 2) first steps towards Distributed European Electronic Resource (DEER) including scenarios for interfaces; 3) development of DACO protocol for access to local databases; 4) demonstration of protocol; 5) broadband demo; 6) definition of broadband pilots; 7) criteria and topics for European Masters and Doctorates; 8) demo of research matrices and research topics; 9) development of first national networks; 10) written agreements with number of partners; 11) permanent home in the new European University of Culture (Strasbourg) and 12) submission of proposal to become an NoE in FP6

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