Part of the celebrations for the 900th anniversary of the dedication of the Parma Cathedral, the exhibition "Daily Life in the Middle Ages - Parma in the Cathedral Age" depicts the city as it was when the Cathedral was built, how its citizen lived, what kind of coins circulated, what tools were used in everyday life, how people pray and so on.

The virtual reconstruction of the Cathedral and the main square of Parma have been used by Studio Azzurro as a backdrop in a Virtual Set. The movies were then used in the exhibition to enable a first hand experience with an imaginary journey through time, the religious celebrations in the Cathedral of Parma, the vibrancy of daily life, the political and social events.

The multimedia reconstructions have been made on the basis of documents and the latest studies and researches on the history of the city, with the aim of creating a communicative context that seeks an active participation of the viewer inside the narrative, inspired by a multitextuality and constant oscillation between real and virtual elements.

The project has combined the technical expertise of CINECA, supported by rigorous philological reconstructions, with the one, more directed towards emotional involvement, through images, sounds and ideas, by Studio Azzurro.

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Antonella Guidazzoli

Antonella Guidazzoli


Parma city Council, Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Demoetnoanthropologic Patrimony of Parma and Piacenza

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Fondazione Cariparma