CYBELE generates innovation and creates value in the agri-food domain, and focus on the sub-domains of Precision Agriculture and Precision Livestock Farming in specific, as the real-life industrial cases supported, so the project empower capacity building within the industrial and research community.

CYBELE is expected to contribute to the core Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy pillars: Digitisation of industry, Cultivation of Digital skills, and Development of a European Open Science Cloud, High Performance Computing and a European Data Infrastructure. CYBELE aims at inducing the digital transformation of the agri-food domain in a tangible manner through advanced HPC, big data and cloud infrastructures intrinsically linked to its integrated platform and large-scale pilot test-beds.

The CYBELE scope lies within the core of strengthening innovation capacity by rolling out innovations in a digital agriculture (PA, PLF) context that meet the needs of European and Global markets, with regard to the HPC-enabled industrial pilot test-beds supporting big data applications and services in agri-food.

CYBELE will raise awareness, cultivate skills, and promote knowledge of the possibilities and benefits of data-driven applications for agriculture while allowing for better understanding of the global trends and the human mentality in order to deliver more effective, personalised ICT services that are attuned to the actual stakeholders’ needs (esp. farmers’ needs).

CYBELE will put major emphasis on contributing to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) semantic interoperability structure as a key enabler for interoperability in Big Data and High-Performance Computing environments.

CYBELE contributes to the Europe 2020 Strategy setting out a vision for the 21st century of a Europe in which smart growth (developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation), sustainable growth (promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy) and inclusive growth (fostering a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion) prevail.

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Finanziamenti e tempistiche

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825355.

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