The 3D reconstruction of the monument, and the cloister that houses it, provides the setting and reference to the world-historical event, passing through the commemoration of people who took part in the war. The battles remembered on the ceiling, the monument itself and the nearly 3000 burials can be perceived in their dramatic significance despite the mediation of the Web. However, the decades have thrown a patina of forgetfulness on the war events and the monument as well loses its communication skills: the wealth of information about people and events of World War I are in danger of being squandered. Hence the multimedia relational database can contribute in saving this heritage. All Bolognese soldiers who were identified in the monument, as well as those buried in family tombs, now can tell their story, and their biographies are linked to places of the war front, to war events and to their own military corp card. At present the database, designed and developed by CINECA, along with the 3D reconstructions, has about 650 biographies, 60 cards on historical events, 100 about places of the war front, 37 about military corps and over 2,200 multimedia files, all gathered and drawn from the Museum of Risorgimento in Bologna.

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Antonella Guidazzoli

Antonella Guidazzoli


Bologna City Council - Cultural Department, in collaboration with Museo del Risorgimento