Virtual reconstruction of the “Casa del Centenario”, realized for the project "Pompei - Insula del Centenario" and "MUSE - Parnaso".

Multiple versions of the models were carried out to display different historical stages of the building (the current and the ancient), and to express different concepts through a philological model (the areas lacking enough information and impossible to reconstruct with accuracy are colored in gray) and a communicative one (with a plausible reconstruction of the missing parts).

The collaboration between RAI (StudioTV1, Milan) and CINECA, under the project RVM4VSET (Advanced Research Models for Virtual Set Usage), has allowed the production of the documentary “High Tech Pompeii”: the digital model of the “Casa del Centenario” was used as a backdrop for the scenes shot in the Virtual Set at RAI in Milan.

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Antonella Guidazzoli

Antonella Guidazzoli


Department of Archaeology - Bologna University