CARDITIS Project proposes a user friendly, intelligent, fast decision support medical tool serving cardiologists, cardio-surgeons, medical professors and students for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment of Cardiovascular diseases.

Accuracy of diagnosis determines success of intervention and in this respect CARDITIS will be a valuable tool for health professionals to improve their surgical plans. Hospitals, clinics, cardiological centres and other health units can use CARDITIS for medical care and accurate diagnosis for better prognosis and treatment of their patients. (More Information: flyer pdf )

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Cinzia Zannoni

Cinzia Zannoni


TeliaSonera Finland (FI), HITECH (EL), ICT TURKU (FI), NOESIS (CY), APOLLONION (CY), University of Turku (FI), IDS Scheer (CZ), Michaelideion (EL)

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