The aim of the project is to design a distributed environment to develop multimedia courseware. In particular, the environment will support all the courseware lifecycle phases, in order to improve the quality, to increase the productivity, to ensure the project management.

The quality of courseware will be improved by:
- a systematic approach built in the environment;
- tools to support, prototyping and formative evaluation;
- coherence control techniques.
A flexible model of the multimedia courseware development process will ensure the basis for the specification of the environment requirements.
The main expected results are:
- multimedia courseware development model suitable for different instructional strategies and technologies;
- the functional requirements of integrated software tool is supporting the development model;
- the architectural design of the multimedia database to store all the produced information (text, graphics, animation, pictures, film clips, audio recordings,...) during the courseware lifecycle;
- the specifications of a satellite network, interconnected with ISDN to support distributed development of multimedia courseware;
- a prototype of multimedia database shared by ISDN to distribute authoring functionalities.

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