BioPharmaNet is a network laboratory recognized by the Emilia Romagna Region, carrying out research and innovation activities for the industry in the field of the Life Sciences. It joins high specializations for the development of innovative products for the human and animal health in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical,genomic, regenerative medicine and e-health fields.

The project (BioPharmaNet) is based on the coordinated activity of three Laboratories (ER-GenTech, ASCLAB, GeBBA-LAB) and a Centre (TEFARCO) provided with complementary expertise  and highly addressed to innovation and technological transfer in the field of Life Sciences. Besides the reaching of the scientific goals,  BIO-FARMA-NET will develop a joint course making feasiblea the carried out activities, in the largest possible forms, taking in count the requests coming from the industrial and sanitary base. In particular, ER-GenTech (Innovation' s Regional Laboratory in Genomics and Biotechnology) will take care  of conducting genomic and post-genomic survies applied to patologies of regional relevance, of using staminal cells to study the mechanisms of autoregeneration and differentiation, of developing innovative therapies with engineerized proteins, oligonucleotides and similar, viral vectors. In such sectors, the activity of GeBBA-Lab (Genetics, Biotechnology and Applied Bioinformatics) shall be directed  to the integration of the researches with innovative informatic tools, providing a service based on the utilization of technologies on the cutting edge for the analysis, managing and filing  of genetic data, carrying out, moreover, even a  synergy among the assistance world for the patients and the reserch one. TEFARCO will cope, together with the other partners, with the creation of a “data base” of the companies and of the products of research,promotion, communication and diffusion of scientific knowledges ,of research and transfer of the products ' innovation and process, continuous formation, development of a  service of advice, assistance to the patent, to the scale-up, validation and recording. Specific areas  of the TEFARCO' s activity will concern the development of systems for vehicolation of drugs (for instance based on inflatable tablets of innovative geometry, bioadhesive film for dermal and transdermal administration, nano and micro-polymeric particles, chimeric agglomerates for buccal or oral administration). The ASC Lab 's expertise will enable to develop fundamental researches about carrying out embryonal and adult staminal cells ' banks derived by several animal species, included mankind, to be used  in the development of new diagnostic tools and in regenerative medicine. Among the ASC LAB' s relevant activities for BIO-PHARMA-NET have to be mentioned “preclinical testing” ' activities about in vitro and in vivo systems for molecules, equipment and biomedical devices, refering to the cellular and animal  modelling modellistica for cardiovascular and nerve diseases, toxicity tests for molecules, fluids and ne materials on biological systems, development of arranged devices cells-reservoir also  nanostructured for implant in the nerve and cardiovascular system, to be developed also in GLP/GMP environment.

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Elda Rossi

Elda Rossi


Department Experimental Medicine and Diagnostics (ER-GenTech)

FERRARA MSD-UniFE Department Biochemistrya and Molecular Biology  (ER-GenTech)

FERRARA BBM-UniFE Department of Biomedical Sciences (ERGenTech)

MODENA SBUniMORE Interdepartmental Centre “L. Galvani” (CIG) (ERGenTech)

BOLOGNA CIG-UniBO Department of Evolutionistical Experimental Biology (ER-GenTech)

BOLOGNA BES-UniBO Regenerative Medicine Centre (ER-GenTech)

MODENA CRMUniMORE Veterinary Morphophysiology and Animal Productions Department (ASC-Lab)

BOLOGNA NT-UniBO Clinical and Experimental Medicine Department (ASC-Lab)

FERRARA F-UniFE Cardiovascular Department Cardiovascolar, Cardiology Institute (ASC-Lab)


Consortium TEFARCO

Innova PARMA


Orthopedic Institute Rizzoli (GeBBA-Lab)




Nsi-Nier informatic solutions  (GeBBA-Lab)


Finanziamenti e tempistiche

1 December 2008 - 30 May 2010

Regional Programme for Industrial Research , Innovation and Technological Transfer Measure 4 “Development of network” Action A – Research and Technological Transfer Laboratories  Announce in 26 november 2007 (DGR n. 1853/07)