The pilot,three years, project fostered by the Marino Golinelli Foundation onlus (FMG) through a Program Arrangement with the Ministry of Education,University and Research (MUR) -law 6/2000 - is planned for the implementation of the "Experimentation of a didactic model and of the prototype of a mixed system (e -learning + laboratory) for the training of teachers and students about life' s Sciences " .

  • MAKING CONTINUOUSLY USABLE the more advanced acquisitions  in the field of the Sciences of Life in the Secondary School ' didactic activities
  • Experiment,  through the structuring of retraining courses , A CONTINUOUS TRAINING  ACTIVITY, theoretic and  practical ones for Secondary School teachears 
  • Develop EDITORIAL AND MULTIMEDIAL INSTRUMENTS EASY TO BE RELEASED  throughout the national territory
  • DEVELOP AND PROMOTE NETWORK STRATEGIES, improving the training experiences of every territorial centre
  • CREATE A SET OF EXPERIENCED TEACHERS - able both in experimenting didactic original models , and in producing course materials
data chiusura progetto

Ing. Angelo De Florio, Dott.ssa Franca Fiumana

[email protected]


School Partners :

  • 5 Regional School Offices  of such regions
  • 63 School Institutes spread  on the regional territories

Scientific Partners:

  • 5 territorial Scientific Centres Scientifici (The permanent training Centres about the Life Science joining the Life Learning Center Network): Bologna, Turin, Trieste, Naples, Bari.

Informatic Partner :

  • Cineca (InterUniversity Computer Center)
Finanziamenti e tempistiche

3 SCHOOL YEARS PILOT-PROJECT , work years (december 2004-June 2007), distinguished by trainng activities , laboratories, continuous ideas' exchange, informations and results  among the  active participants, for the tune-up of a didactic system that will set up an expansible service on national scale, for the purpose of assuring permanent  updates, continuous in the Life Sciences' didactics.

Funded by MUR and promoted by the Marino Golinelli Foundation and by 5 Life Learning Centers