In the last years ,mass media has increasingly started to discuss the phenomenon of "bullying" among young people.By means of virtual scenarios,set in the world of role-plays ,an open software platform called [email protected] aims to help teachers prevent violence and bullying among young people through the use of peer-mediation .Specific platforms that can be used for this activity :

Open simulator



The overall goal of the project is to use virtual role-play to find a new way for conflict resolution among young students with a playful and and cooperative approach .

The project [email protected] aims to establish virtual role plays in which pupils ,teachers and others try out strategies for conflict resolution by means of the peer mediation approach . 

Each virtual role-play will take place in a popular 3D online digital world: OpenSimulator. For each of the role plays, a scenario will be worked out to represent a typical conflict in school (e.g., social exclusion, bullying or violence). In each scenario, players will try to find common solutions in a cooperative and collaborative way.

The game can be played simultaneously from different countries. Cooperation among different schools from a number of countries is recommended for conducting such virtual role play.


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