To perform Global Ocean data assimilation experiments with surface, subsurface and remotely sensed data, and to produce assimilated global data sets with several Data Assimilation Systems for intercomparison and cross-validation for the period 1980-1996.

The joint development efforts and the intercomparison of the performance of the various DAS considered in AGORA will result in the possibility of designing the next generation coupled Atmosphere-Ocean DAS at the end of the project. AGORA will identify the requirements for the ocean part of the coupled DAS in terms of numerics, models and assimilation algorithms and at the same time will produce significant scientific advances and unique data sets. AGORA will produce a more accurate assimilated data set for the period of TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERS-1/2 missions, 1992 onwards. It will make available ocean initial conditions for seasonal forecasting experiments and modelling studies.

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CNR/IMGA - Italy, CNRS/UMR39 CERFACS - France, CLS - France, NERC/IOS - United Kingdom, UNIVED - United Kingdom, NERSC - Norway, CINECA - Italy

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1996-02-01 / 1998-07-31

programma CEE/framework: ENV, 4PQ

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