Also in 2021, as usual, the CINECA Quantum Computing Lab team in collaboration with Prof. Enrico Prati (CNR-IFN) is preparing to wish you Christmas greetings with a new and very rich edition of the annual High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing workshop.

As every year, speakers from the world of quantum hardware and software manufacturers and from the world of Italian research in the field of quantum computing will participate in this edition as well. In particular, for the first time, this year we will also host a large representation of the most influential European supercomputing centers, who have kindly agreed to share their vision of the future of quantum computing with all of us, with particular attention to its relationship with the HPC. The issue of hybrid computing HPC / QC is in fact currently a hot topic in the world of supercomputing: the incessant evolution of quantum machines is rapidly reaching the point where, according to the scientific community, it will be possible to demonstrate the first quantum advantages thanks to the collaboration between quantum computers and supercomputers. The role of HPC, at this particular moment, is therefore central: during the Workshop we will see how our European colleagues who have been dealing with HPC for decades are preparing to welcome and accompany this new technological revolution.

This year the Workshop will take place online from 15 to 16 December 2021.