The area of ‚Äč‚Äčteaching and students is certainly the one in which Cineca is most involved in its supporting role into MUR activities.

Concerning the definition of the annual educational offer of each study course, Cineca provides a series of tools for the digital management of the entire accreditation process, allowing an easier management both by universities and evaluating bodies.

Access by students to certain types of degree courses involves a selection process called "scheduled access" (national or local).

On this aspect, Cineca deals with the provision and correction of tests and with the definition of the rankings.

The national register of students is a database that allows universities to share information about the careers of students and graduates.

It is one of the most important databases that the consortium manages on behalf of the MUR and allows the ministry to monitor and define programmatic objectives.

Cineca also manages a series of services that allow the Institutes of higher education of universities and AFAM to share with MUR information about institutional facilities.