Cineca has five locations: Bologna, Milan, Rome, Naples, Chieti.

Cineca's legal, administrative and operational headquarters are located in Casalecchio di Reno, in the area west of Bologna, at Via Magnanelli 6/3 - Cap 40033.


To reach the Casalecchio di Reno office:

By car

The most convenient highway exit to reach Cineca is "Bologna-Casalecchio di Reno." The direction to follow on the ring road is "Casalecchio di Reno" (coming from the Bologna-Casalecchio di Reno highway exit, take the first exit towards Casalecchio di Reno; coming from the Bologna-Arcoveggio, or Bologna-Borgo Panigale highway exit, follow the ring road to the last exit).

Once off the highway, the ring road or the equipped axis or the normal road, follow the signs for "Casalecchio di Reno, industrial area" and then "Casalecchio di Reno, Porretta." When you arrive at the Meridiana shopping center (the Esselunga supermarket is clearly visible), follow the signs with directions to Cineca.

From the train station

Once you get to Bologna's central train station, you can continue by cab; the journey takes about 20 or 30 minutes:

    COTABO - Cooperativa Tassisti Bolognesi: tel. 051/372727
    CAT Radio Taxi - Consorzio Autonomo Taxisti Bologna: tel. 051/534141
    COSEPURI: tel. 051/519090
    SACA: tel. 051/6349444.

Or you can reach Cineca via the Suburban line (Direction Vignola) that leaves (approximately) at 15 minutes of every hour from platform 7 West.

The ticket is a common TPER hourly ticket that can also be purchased at the platform.

The closest stop to Cineca is Ceretolo (the previous stop is Casalecchio Garibaldi). Exit the station and continue left on Via del Lavoro for about 500 meters. You pass a traffic circle (always keeping left), pass under an overpass, and the first street on the left is via Magnanelli. Here are the directions displayed via Google maps.

Other trains arrive in Casalecchio from the Central Station, for example those going to Porretta Terme, and stop at the Casalecchio Garibaldi station. Also available on Google maps are directions to get to Cineca from there. In this case it is necessary to check the type of ticket to purchase before boarding the train.

Train schedules from Bologna station to Casalecchio di Reno can be accessed on the Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna website (be careful, the site often changes url... if the reported link does not work, look for information on the "Bologna-Vignola" train route).

By bus

From the center of Bologna (via Indipendenza, via Rizzoli) you can take bus number 20 (Rides are quite frequent, about every 15 minutes) in the direction of "Casalecchio Centro" and get off at the terminus, which is about 2 km from Cineca.

From here you can continue either by cab or on foot, or, at the same stop you can take bus number 85 (suburban line), which runs every half hour or every hour depending on the schedule. To get to Cineca.You have to get off at the stop "Z.I CASAL. PARINI," cross the street, continue another hundred meters on Via del Lavoro and take the first street on the left, Via Verga (perpendicular to Via del Lavoro, where there is a bar on the corner). Follow the whole street, and at the end turn left onto Via Magnanelli.

All bus schedules are posted on the website the Azienda Trasporti Pubblici Bologna TPER, formerly ATC. Links in the in-depth column, with a map of the bus route. (In case of broken links, you can search for information directly from the TPER website)

All bus schedules are published on the website of TPER , the Bologna Public Transportation Company.
You can also select the schedules of individual lines by clicking on the icon with the number of the line you are interested in.
Or you can plan your route by selecting your departure and arrival stops (Remember to choose Casalecchio di Reno in the Municipality drop-down).

From the airport

For those arriving by plane, the most convenient way to reach Cineca is by cab, whose references are given above. Alternatively, you can take the ATC Aerobus shuttle from Marconi Airport to Bologna Central Station and from there one of the urban and suburban transport lines to Casalecchio.


To create the route to our location using the Google map, you can enlarge the map by clicking on it. Recently Google has integrated its maps of Bologna with those of public transportation, via google maps, so you can also plan your trip to Cineca by bus and train.


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