Cineca ritiene strategica la partecipazione a progetti di carattere nazionale ed europeo. La collaborazione con partner illustri e di rilievo a livello internazionale permette a Cineca di diffondere, ma anche di ampliare le proprie competenze in nuovi ambiti.  I progetti in corso sono elencati in questa pagina, suddivisi in base alle aree tematiche. E' possibile cercare i progetti in base all'ambito di riferimento, ai contenuti, e allo stato (in corso, concluso)

High performance computing

  • La tecnologia digitale offre la possibilità di creare uno studiolo "rimasterizzato", uno spazio virtuale in cui sia gli elementi visivi che quelli acustici possono essere migliorati rispetto ai precedenti tentativi di rappresentazione.

  • IoTwins: a unique and flexible platform for the creation of digital twins for industrial plants, a 20 million Euro European-funded project in which CINECA participates by providing its know-how in the field of big data analysis and in the definition of complex workflows on cloud and HPC systems. Within the project there will be 12 testbeds, each realizing a digital twin, the digitization of an industrial process, in order to optimize and improve its management.

  • The 3D reconstruction of the monument, and the cloister that houses it, provides the setting and reference to the world-historical event, passing through the commemoration of people who took part in the war.

  • The project aims to restore, preserve and promote the extraordinary open-air museum created by the Bolognese over two centuries in the Carthusian monastery, founded in the first half of the fourteenth century and abolished by Napoleon. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe, a monument of worldwide importance, a review of the history of the city, a unique place for sculpture and architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

  • The Third Cloister of the Certosa in Bologna hosts an important gallery of neo-classical works of art painted on the tombs and monuments housed under its arches.

  • To honour the victims of the liberation struggle (1943-1945), the monumental ossuary dedicated to the fallen partisans and the Memorial to the partisans in Piazza Nettuno have been reconstructed to become a visual element of access to a rich multimedia relational database designed and developed by CINECA along with the 3D models.

  • Communicate historical content to a wide and varied audience is an increasingly felt task that need new ways to attract and involve people with compelling arguments. For involving the audience of non-professionals is important to develop appropriate solutions, mixing scientifically sound content with immediacy and ease of access, starting perhaps from familiar issues in order to avoid a strain on that part of the public less at ease with historical topics.

  • The overarching goal of HIGHLANDER is to support a smarter (environmental and economically sustainable) management of lands in their mosaic of natural resources, land uses, sectors, human activities and assets, while also
    reducing risks and taking opportunities posed by climate change and its variability.

  • DARE wants to demonstrate the effectiveness of an INNOVATIVE DIGITAL-BASED AND CITIZEN-CENTRED GOVERNANCE APPROACH, aimed at facilitating, supporting & fastening the implementation & evaluation of the DARSENA (Ravenna) URBAN REGENERATION PROCESS, to be replied in other EU MIDDLE-SIZED CITIES.

  • The goal of the MISTRAL portal is to facilitate and foster the re-use of the datasets by the weather community, as well as by its cross-area communities, to provide added value services through the use of HPC resources, turning it into the level of new business opportunities.

  • Il portale di riferimento per la farmacoepidemiologia ed il governo clinico nelle Aziende Sanitarie.

Information systems for Universities and research

  • The openVM project aims at promoting and scaling-up VM in HE in Europe through achievement, assessment and recognition of Virtual Mobility Skills of HE educators and students in line with the Bologna and Open Education principles.