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European project for the continuation of the Episouth network activities for the epidemiological monitoring and the communications relative to the infectious diseases in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and of the Balkans.
The project plans the achievement of a cooperative work' s area dedicated to the participants, a public web site for the  diffusion of the results and a common  platform about the epidemic intelligence where findig international and regional informations  carattere internazionale.



Stato: network on since 2007
Coordinatore: Superior Health Institute (ISS)
Involved persons' Number: 79 
Participant countries' Number: 26 (Albany, Algeria,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Lybia, Macedonia, Morocco, Malta, Montenegro, Palestine,Romania, Serbia, Syria, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey) and 5 representivesi of ECSANCO, ECDC, WHOEURO, WHOEMRO, WHOHQ.


Network for epidemiological monitoring  and communication relative to the infectious diseases  in the Mediterranean and Balkan countries.


National Centre of di Epidemiology, Health Survelleince and Promotion - Superior Health Institute

Head of the project at Cineca 

Doctor Marisa De Rosa