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"@doc" is an informatic system geared to combine the documentation circulation and treatment 's rationalization requirements inside the Foreign Ministry 's Administration (MAE) with the necessity of adjustment to the rules in force about the electronic treatment of documents contained in the Code of the Digital Administration , as well as already requested in the area of the e-government 's Government plan .

(More  informations are available in the articl published on Notiziario Cineca n.64, doi:10.1388/notizie-64-07)


In synthesis, the project "@doc" is intended to allow the MAE to comply with the normative regulations about the documents ' managing throught the rationalization of the fluxes, developing paperless solutions for the documents produced in electronic modality.
Through a "dematerialization area " expressly available, it ' ll be possible to transmit the documents in entry to the MAE only in electronic format, when possible, and the previous paper documentation's rationalization modalities will be defined, constituting new rule for the administrative streamlining. In such an area the accounting documents ' dematerialization fluxes is expected  by means of using the digital sign, and the certified electronic mail, substaininge their intensive use like needful tools  for carrying out the exchanges with the rest of the PA. In prospect, at the end of the Centre 's reconstruction phase, the project plans to arrange the system to the introduction of the documents ' electronic management also for the foreign Centres.  


Foreign Ministry

Head of the project at Cineca 

Celso Belli