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Archaeological Zaragoza


The project brings together the archaeological sites dispersed throughout the province of Zaragoza (Spain). Faced with the common tendency to promote and advertise the sites individually, without taking into account all those located in the same area, it was decided to exploit new technologies to give an idea of the territory as a whole, showing the sites as part of a common space. This link has been made possible by the exclusive relationship between two different but interconnected educational areas, such as archeology and geography.

The research has involved close cooperation between, on the one hand, the research groups and URBS PPVE (Top populations of the Ebro Valley), led by Professors of Archaeology, Manuel Martín-Bueno, and Prehistory, Pilar Utrilla Miranda, Department of Antiquity, University of Zaragoza and, on the other hand, the group of Geography and Planning (GEOTA), co-directed by Pueyo Angel Campos, Professor at the Department of Geography at the University.

The 3D overview of the province of Zaragoza has been linked to a comprehensive database about the archaeological landscape and the analysis of the documentation of the sites.


Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

Head of the project at Cineca 

Antonella Guidazzoli