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A.I.E.O.P. is the Italian Pediatric Ematology and Oncology Association: a group of pediatricians facing the childhood ematologic and oncologic troubles, with a statute established to collaborate, detect and  standardize diagnostic methods  and therapeutic protocols , critically valuing their obtained results in order to improve cures  and assistence for ematologic and oncologic children' pathologies.
In 1985 it started a collaboration with Cineca  for developing the  AMR - Advanced Multicenter Research methodology for collection, sharing, monitoring and analysis of informazions and relative workflows of the group' s research protocols .

In the area of such a collaboration two national Registries have been made: the Mod. 1.01 Registry containing the informations about every  patient diagnosed in the centres joint to the A.I.E.O.P. and the bone-marrow Transplants Registry .

In 2004 a Clinical Data Warehouse instrument was  designed and made on the  group' s research protocols .



State: in progress since 1985
Purchaser: Italian Pediatric Ematology Oncology Association 
Expected and Enlisted Patients' Number : 43.577
Protocols' Number: 70
Number of database specific pathologies: 8
Registries' Number: 2 (9.293 trapianti relativi a 7.640 pazienti)
Participants centres' Number : 90 ( 54 centres A.I.E.O.P. + 36 of immunodeficiency)
Publications: 216


Achievement of a system via web for the management and the analysis of the AIEOP therapeutic protocols AIEOP.


Project started in 1985.

Head of the project at Cineca 

Doctor Marisa De Rosa