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Clinical multicentric study of  phase IV, randomized, with parallel groups and placebo group, in double blind.
Anyway the system provides a common area for the 20 clinical specialized centres (UVA), an area for the clinical data collection and the  drug distribution. Moreover the system guarantees the randomization's centralized management in double blind .




State: closed (study activated in January 2009)
Coordinator: Superior Institute of Health (ISS)
Involved patients' number : 1000
Involved centres'  number : 20 centri clinici specializzati (UVA)


The principal objective is to value the long term efficiency and safety profile (12 months) for 4 antipsychotic drugs  in not institutionalized patients with Alzheimer' s disease.


Epidemiology,Surveillance and Health Promotion national Centre   - Superior Institute of Health

Head of the project at Cineca 

Doctor Marisa De Rosa