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Multicentric system for managing of the phases I and II 's protocols devoted to the adults cerebral tumours ' treatmentcura of group ABTC (Adult Brain Tumor Consortium), Consortium operating in the area of NCI (National Cancer Institute) statunitense. 
ABTC was borne in 2009 from the fusion of the two research groups NABTC (North American Brain Tumor Coalition) and NABTT (New Approach to Brain Tumor Therapy).
Cineca is managing from 2000 also the therapeutic protocols of Consortium NABTT subsequently merged in ABTC.


Technical specifications

State: in progress since september 2000
Committente: ABTC Central Office, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimora, USA
Involved Centres ' Number : 16 United States ' centres + Central Office ABTC
Number of protocols NABTT: 16
Number of protocols ABTC: 5 + 1 in start-up phase


 Centralized management of the phase I and II 's studies of Consortium ABTC.




ABTC Central Office, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimora, USA


In progress Since september 2000

Head of the project at Cineca 

Doctor Marisa De Rosa