Cineca offers support to scientific research, public and industrial, through high performance computing and the use of the most innovative supercomputing systems based on state-of-the-art architectures and technologies. Cineca's aim is to accelerate the scientific discovery by providing high performance computing resources, data management, as well as HPC services and expertise. Moreover, Cineca provides technical and scientific services related to high-performance computing to the Italian and European research community, by developing services to manage the INFRASTRUCTURE, to guarantee the PRODUCTION - ACCESS TO RESOURCES, supporting RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, and DATA SCIENCE.

Cineca develops IT systems for the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR)  to support the interaction of the Ministry itself with the academic system.The consortium develops tools for the integration, exchange, certification and storage of information The main areas in which Cineca operates are the MANAGEMENT OF UNIVERSITIES , TEACHERS AND RESEARCHERS: RECRUITMENT AND CAREERS, STUDENTS: CAREERS, EDUCATIONAL OFFER AND OTHER SERVICES, THE RESEARCH SYSTEM, DEMATERIALISATION OF TESTS AND ELECTIONS.

Cineca supports the digitalising process of the universities with the main goal of making institutions efficient and transparent, towards an overall improvement that involves every internal aspects - far beyond technology. Cineca plays a pivotal role in designing a transition from paper to bits supporting the Ministry in collecting all data useful for the informed government of the autonomy process, while on the other hand providing universities and research bodies with the necessary tools to implement the process. Cineca develops solutions to support DECISION MAKING, HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION, STUDENTS AND TEACHING, DIGITAL EDUCATION, RESEARCH, FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, DEMATERIALISATION.