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Organisation and management of the Consortium's activities

Cineca is led by a Board of Directors composed of the rectors of the member universities or their delegates, by a representative of CNR (National Research Council) and one of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).The Board of Directors is represented by the Chairman, while the CEO is responsible for the development, organisation and management of the Consortium's activities.

President Prof. Giovanni Emanuele Corazza (University of Bologna).
Vice president Prof. Eugenio di Sciascio (Polytechnic University of Bari).
CEO Dr. David Vannozzi.

  • Director of University Business Unit Paolo Malfetti.
  • Director of Business Unit Services for the Ministry of Education, University and Research Francesca Pruneti.
  • Director of the HPC High Performance Computing Business Unit Sanzio Bassini.
  • Director of the Healthcare Business Unit Marisa de Rosa.
  • Head of the Public Administration and Industry Business Unit Giacomo Scillia.


Transversal to the organization are the activities that belong to:

  • The Organization and Systems Area, which deals with human resources, organization and internal information systems and whose director is Serena Borelli.
  • The Administration and Finance Area, which deals with internal administration and refers to Maurizio Tani
  • The support area for decisions and control, of which Stefano Roselli is the director.
  • The general and technical services area that manages the infrastructure, for which Massimo Mauri is responsible.
  • The IT & DP Area (Technological Infrastructure and Delivery Production) headed by Angelo Neri.