The second Cineca - GPUHackathon, about to start on June 14 and on June 21-23 2021, will be an exciting opportunity for scientists to accelerate their HPC codes or AI research under the guidance of expert mentors from National Labs, Universities and Industry leaders in a collaborative environment.

10 teams from all over Europe will participate, in total there will be almost 60 researchers. They will receive support by 36 team members and 21 mentors, affiliated to NVIDIA, CINECA and other universities / computing centers.
In total, the participants come from 8 countries: Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and the USA, from 24 different affiliations.

By the end of the event, with  the help of experts and mentors, each team should have their code running on GPUs, or at least have a clear roadmap of how to get there.

More details on the GPU Hackathon's website.