The Dynamics of Ecosystems and Computational Oceanography research (ECHO) group of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS is happy to announce several PhD scholarships on marine ecosystems modelling, in collaboration with the University of Trieste

  • “Investigating the marine carbon cycle: interactions between physical and biogeochemical processes” 
  • “Investigation of optical and biogeochemical interactions in marine ecosystems” (ref. D/15)
  • “Ocean life and plankton biodiversity. Data driven models to describe marine ecosystem functioning and resilience” (ref. D/8)
  • “Development of integrated physical-biogeochemical models to support the analysis of marine environmental processes and marine spatial planning and scenario analysis” (ref. D/2)
  • "Integrated models for the management of marine renewable resources under climate change context" (ref. MD/3)
  • "Biodiversity, functioning and resilience in marine ecosystems: modelling and assessing climate change impacts" (ref. MD/4)

For further info, see University of Trieste website and on HPC's website