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ParCo2017, the International Conference on Parallel Computing

1 September 2017

ParcoCo2017, the International Conference on Parallel Computing this year will take place on 12-15 September in Bologna, co-hosted by Cineca organized in cooperation with University of Pisa and ISTI-CNR at Pisa. The conference is a continuation of the international conference on parallel computing and HPC started in 1983. Since their inception the ParCo conferences stimulate the development and application of parallel computers on a world-wide scale.

The conference will give an overview of the state of the art of the developments, applications and future trends in parallel computing for both HPC and DIC (Data Intensive Computing). This encompasses all platforms, from IoT (Internet of Things) and Robotics to HPC systems, Clouds, Neuro and Quantum Computing.

The conference addresses all aspects of parallel computing, including applications, hardware and software technologies as well as languages and development environments.

More information on the conference website