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The merging process of the three Italian University Consortia

20 June 2013

On 1st September 2012 started the merging process of the three Italian University Consortia, Caspur, Cilea and Cineca, promoted by the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research

As stated by the Minister, the main purpuses of this process are:

  • to integrate the services erogated by the Consortia, promoting their enhancement;
  • to strengthen the Consortium's role as the "technological hand" of the Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  • to support and reinforce the international competitiveness of Italy in the research and education fields, by improving the efficiency and synergy between organizations and institutions.

It is a very important and significant change, because it allows these three Consortia with the same mission ("supporting research and technological innovation in Italy") to finally work together and to share their strong experiences so to better satisfy all the needs of the National Academic System.

Caspur, Cilea and Cineca, each with its own expertises, are now becoming a single Institution with operative offices in Rome, Milan and Bologna while legal and administrative offices are located in Bologna.