The design of the pre-Exascale Leonardo machine and its upcoming installation at the Bologna Technopole will be a great opportunity for growth in computational capacity at the service of research in our country.

To celebrate this wonderful event, and in conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of supercomputing in Italy, Cineca is organizing a special dissemination event open to the public, on the occasion of the European Researchers' Night.

September 26th at 6.00 pm at Palazzo Magnani, via Zamboni, 20, Bologna.

"Leonardo Exascale a new resource for research and society, 50 years after the birth of supercomputing in Italy"

Science, research, society: as it was before and after Leonardo.

The event will be the occasion to share the impact of a supercomputing system of Leonardo's class on science, research, and knowledge and to illustrate significant examples of its concrete impact on society.

Speakers will include some of the most important exponents of the national research world, and representatives of European and national institutions

Admission is free, subject to availability.

The event will be streamed live.