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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Cineca

7 November 2013

To meet future scientific computing demands, systems in the next decade that will support millions of processor cores with thousands of threads: increased compute power will only get us so far. Future performance gains will also come through parallelism and modernizing key applications will help us make the next leap in discovery. For this purpose Cineca is now a Intel®

Intel Parallel Computing Centers are universities, institutions, and labs that are leaders in their field. The centers are focusing on modernizing applications to increase parallelism and scalability through optimizations that leverage cores, caches, threads, and vector capabilities of microprocessors and coprocessors. Code modernization is expected to enable large performance increases while maintaining the code portability users expect. By enabling the advancement of parallelism, the Intel® Parallel Computing Centers will accelerate discovery in the fields of energy, finance, manufacturing, life sciences, weather, and beyond.

Cineca is now a Intel® Parallel Computing Center and, in the initial project, the parallelization of codes like Quantum Espresso as well as SPECFEM3D are the target.

For more information see Intel site and Cineca's HPC portal.