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Human Brain Project: the endeavour of neuroscience

28 February 2018

The Human Brain Project, the European flagship project that has raised interest for the breakthroughing approach to brain investigation, is entering its fourth year of activity. The project aims at generating large-scale models of brain functions and promises big advances in prevention and cure of brain diseases as well as in neuro-informatics and brain inspired technology.

The activities of the Italian groups involved at various levels in this endeavour will be presented in a workshop that will take place on March 13, in Pavia. During the event the Italian leaders will present how their activity integrates in vital nodes of Human Brain Project and will update on the general strategies of the project, its achievements and its perspectives.

Cineca, one of the Italian groups, is one of the five HPC European centers, with BSC, CEA, CSCS and JSC, providing technological resources and support to the Human Brain HPAC (High Performance Analytics and Computing) platform to permit European neuro scientists to conduct research experiments. As part of the HBP SGA2 Project, Cineca also leads the "Data federation and data-intensive computing technology" activity to foster innovation in the field of data management, data intensive processing and deep learning.

More information, on the website of the event