January 2021, a new pre-exascale HPC machine, called LEONARDO, is starting its computational life in Bologna, Italy. In a video we tried to describe what is the impact of the supercomputing in our lives and to anticipate some data on Leonardo.

Leonardo a brand new pre-exascale supercomputer:

  • 3 Modules
  • 5000 computing nodes
  • 200+ PFlops
  • 3+PB RAM
  • 150 PB I/O
  • 150PB of storage
  • 1TB/s bandwidth
  • 200Gb/s interconnection bandwidth
  • 9MW 
  • PUE 1,08
  • 240Mln € investment
  • 1500+ m2 footprint

Leonardo pre-exascale project receives funding from the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking  (JU)